I believe that everyone’s journey is unique, significant and productive in the eyes of the Creator. Many of us wander through the wilderness of life unconsciously and yet our souls work tirelessly to send us experiences designed to wake us up.

I was not aware of any unique spiritual gifts when I was growing up. Oftentimes, if we possess them, society dismisses them and the awareness of these gifts slips out of our reach. All humans have the capacity to develop their spiritual gifts with perseverance and determination.

I was one of those who just wanted to wake up and so I fed my mind and read everything possible about religions and the science of metaphysics. This served me well until I realized that at some point I had to open my heart. That is the key, you see. LOVE is the key. It was then, that I truly began to connect with spirit or God and the angels. I have been blessed with many amazing teachers and beautiful spiritual guides. I have also found comfort sitting with nature and connecting with Mother Earth. When we open ourselves to LOVE’s possibilities, we draw these teachers and guides to us like a magnet. With effort, intention and lots of gratitude my gifts began to blossom.

I have found that spiritual gifts and connections transcend religion and science and yet, they are beginning to find a place in both ideologies such that we are seeing a merge into the beauty of one source. We truly are all ONE – one with each other as humans and one with the Earth and the universe. And we are all beautiful. As humans, we must learn how to open our hearts if we are to survive into the future. We are far more powerful than we realize but true power comes from LOVE and the journey into the heart is one that requires much patience, courage and perseverance. It is my sincere desire to help others as they travel on their journey.  I wish to work with your guides because you are unique and your guides know what is best for you. As an energy practitioner, I am a channel that brings in the life force energy in order to provide the needed boost to shift blockages so that you can move forward and grow in faith and love. As an Earth Healer, I work to encourage group manifestation for not only the Earth but for individuals as well. From my heart to yours, I wish you all a most peaceful and joyful journey filled with love and abundance.


Shari Bitsis

ShariBitsisphotoShari Bitsis is the owner of Spirit of Agape. She received her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with a completion of pre-medical studies and graduated cum laude. For over 15 years following college, she worked in the graphic design industry.

As a holistic practitioner, Shari’s career really began in her early thirties when she began reading metaphysical literature and building her spiritual connection through meditation and prayer. She holds certifications in Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Level, AngelTouch Healing, Angel Light Messenger, Tong Ren, Magnified Healing, Theta Healing and Integrative Energy Therapy. She is currently working with developing vocal toning and using it during her healing sessions. In addition, Shari has developed a comprehensive program to facilitate group manifestation for the Earth and individuals called Group Manifestation.

She has hobby interests in singing, songwriting, hiking and meditating in the woods and pottery/clay sculpture.



Thank you so much for the wonderful blessing of you and having you as a friend.  Your gift is that you know what you are doing and you are sharing this gift with me and others.  Saturday was a revolutionary turning point in my life. ~ Anastasia Manikas