Live as if you are Camping

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Live as if you are Camping

Lately, I have found myself very scattered mentally, not so focused. Have any of you felt this way recently too? The good thing for me this time, however, is that I have listened to my guidance this month – I have slowed down and made more frequent trips into the woods to ground myself into the present moment. I have learned the hard way from not listening to guidance that when I run like a racecar my autoimmune issues resurface and I do not want to drive down that path again.

I am thinking that perhaps the need to slow down in the midst of the craziness of reality has probably contributed to the sensation of a speeding summer. The last few months have found me preparing for all kinds of changes in my professional life – learning new programs, preparing for my web-site to go live and plans for expansion. All of these things bring feelings of instability. Oh, us humans and change! I know, I know, there are those magnificent humans who thrive on change but it does seem that a lot of us are lumped into that “I hate change” category. It doesn’t help that when we make changes to one area of our life, ripples of transformation intrude into all the other areas. It cannot be helped because everything is intricately interwoven.

My old pattern of behavior that I have clung to since I was young has only complicated matters for me. Maybe you can relate. I have this part of myself that wants definitive outcomes about almost everything. When I get caught up in this train of thought I get a bit obsessive about things. This totally drains the life force energy out of me. Energy that – Oh, I don’t know – I could be using to do something magnificently creative and fun. I think the advice to slow down always comes in when I am DOING too much instead of BEING. The doing too much is that obsessive control voice in my head that says constantly, “You must do this and this and this in order for everything to work out perfectly.” Perfectly – no such thing is there?

So, when I asked my guidance what would help me to stop doing things the OLD WAY and embrace a new way of doing things that flows directly from being present each moment, I was delightfully surprised by the answer I received. The other morning when in that state just before waking I heard, “Sweetheart, you must live each day as if you were camping.”

Well, metaphorically speaking camping means a temporary situation. “Brilliant,” I thought when I finally sprung to consciousness, “incredibly simple but brilliant!” It really is because this statement can be pulled right out of Buddhism 101. The statement made me realize how many outcomes I was rigidly attached to. I clearly saw how I was stopping the flow of energy all around me by trying to force things to happen in a particular way. Life really is more like surfing waves because there are no guarantees so acceptance of what is and what comes is the needed agility and balance to keep me on that surf board no matter what kind of waves move in.

Camping is temporary and if we can say, “Well for right now I can tentatively plan for A, B or C,” life would flow instead of jolt us around. It’s like this, maybe we will have fish for supper if we catch one or perhaps we will just have foraged plants and berries. I can be OK either way because either way I am receiving nourishment. Or perhaps it is raining and I can sit in my tent and journal today or maybe I can pull down my tent, drive to a new locale with sunny skies and pitch my tent there. Either way is OK because I am still using the time wisely. I am flowing with life. Now, it does not mean that I cannot actively create what I want in some way. One does this by visualizing what one wants and completely giving it up to the Universe without that knee jerk drive to try and control it and without being attached to a definitive outcome.

In fact, what comes my way will probably be less to my liking if I am demanding a specific outcome. If I am fluid and accepting, what I manifest will be more delicious and exciting because I put my order in but I left room for the Universe to work its magic. In thinking that I absolutely know what is best for me, I close myself off from the magic because I am visualizing from a limited self. Michael Beckwith has a great mantra that he suggests in his Visioning CDs. It is, “I am drawing more good towards myself than I can even imagine.”  WOW! That’s powerful! So now, I am going to stop trying to force everything, grab my camping gear and open myself up to some real Universe Magic!