At Spirit of Agape I offer the following services:


Reiki is a form of energy therapy where the practitioner channels the ki. Ki is the Japanese word for the universal life force energy, the currency of the universe.

Sometimes it is difficult for us humans to maintain the proper level and flow of ki that is necessary for the maintenance of good health. Emotional upheavals, stress and traumas from our past often deplete and block the energy flow. Negativity and depression also affect our energy fields. Reiki is like a gentle tune-up and it only works with the highest vibrational energy. During a reiki treatment, the ki is channeled through the practitioner’s hands and into the energy field of the client. It is painless and extremely relaxing. Reiki can be used in conjunction with other healing methods both traditional and alternative. It can also be used to assist with spiritual and emotional development.



Did you ever wonder if you could make a difference on a planetary level? We are entering a New Age that is filled with wonder. According to quantum physics each one of us can alter an outcome just by our observation and expectation alone. Our thoughts and visions create and change things! That is POWER! Can you even imagine what a group of like minded humans could do if they set their minds and hearts to it? Group Manifestation classes are filled with insight and play as we delve into the magic of co-creating with the Earth and manifesting for ourselves. The Earth classes are 2 hours long and involve a group meditation that travels the globe. Afterwards, we all share our experiences. Classes include water clean-up; peace & diplomacy; and healing of animas/plants/minerals. Manifestation classes for YOU are fun and filled with play. We create a manifestation craft, write our individual scripts and then playfully engage in a meditation in which we group manifest for each other.



Mindfulness meditation is being talked about everywhere it seems and for good reason – it works. Join us as we explore why it works. This class is designed to help you develop your own unique tool belt of techniques that is specifically useful for YOU. We are all unique human beings with distinct personalities. In this class we will dive into the workings of ancient practices, as well as new techniques and methods that help to bring us into the present moment and to learn how to stop repressing and/or reacting with our emotional states. We will learn how to work with our incessant thoughts not to fight them. Most of all we will learn self compassion, the workings of the magnificent heart and how joy, gratitude, compassion and acceptance heal our deepest internal wounds. Come by and learn how to be more mindful. Classes held every week in Warren. See listings.



AngelTouch Healing is a healing modality developed by Diane Vezina in which she served as a channel of ArchAngel Metatron. It is an energy technique that uses rose quartz crystals, a crystal pendulum and sacred geometry to release blockages in the client’s energy field. The method is innately fluid in that it complements other modalities and allows the practitioner to intuit from within while still getting concrete feedback. The feedback is extremely valuable and can be used to facilitate future sessions providing step-by-step progression towards greater mental, emotional and spiritual health. A truly holistic approach.



Tong Ren is a technique that was developed by an acupuncturist named Tom Tam. Tong Ren uses acupuncture points and meridians on a miniature model of a human. A magnetic hammer is used to tap on the points of the model and intent is used to energetically send healing to the client. The premise behind Tong Ren is that any DIS-ease, which is a body not at ease, is caused by blockages in the energy field that affect the nervous system, circulatory system, lymph system, etc. inhibiting the natural flow of energy or chi that is necessary for a healthy human being. In holistic energy healing, the person is more than just a physical body. He or she is body, mind, spirit and emotion simultaneously and each aspect affects the whole. Ailments and imbalances have distinct “recipes” of acupuncture points which when tapped on, release the blockages thus allowing normal energy flow to resume.

I no longer am offering the tong ren guinea pig classes. I do still offer tong ren as a service however.



These sessions last an hour long and are tailored to each individual’s needs. During part of the session, I will “tune into” the client’s energy field with the intent to connect only with the highest vibrational energy. Messages from the client’s guides and angels are received. These messages are always gentle and loving and completely without judgment. They are intended to assist the client with their personal growth and to help the client learn how to connect with their own guidance. Energy therapies such as Reiki may also be used if needed.



I offer classes in training for the following:

  • REIKI I, II and III
  • AngelTouch Healing

I am also available to teach and/or offer group sessions in the following:

  • Meditation
  • Tong Ren
  • Connecting with Your Angels
  • Manifestation Classes


Please e-mail me if you are interested in any of my services or classes.


Shari is a beautiful, gifted and powerful channel of the Spirit world and Earth energies.  She is someone that I would whole-heartedly refer my family and friends to as her kindness, integrity and love shines through all that she does.   Jackie Eaton, RN


I wanted to briefly tell you of my “Heal the Earth” experience. Shari is far more than a facilitator! She led us on both an individual as well as collective global journey of the “pale blue dot” that we call HOME. Using and exchanging words, expressing feelings, sharing experiences, a small group of us “spanned the globe” and connected interdimensionally to heal the planet. Yes, we had tools… a map, paper, writing implements and Shari’s guidance. I was a novice, never having participated in any type of healing but in following Shari’s lead, I came away from that experience feeling that I had connected with the Earth and with myself and with the other individuals in the room that day. That experience was profound and the energy I felt convinced me that in order for healing of any kind to take place, one has to be an active participant.
THE WORLD NEEDS A HEALER and that HEALER can be you…
Take this class and RUN WITH IT.
‒ Mary Lillian Cartwright


I was searching for a place to meditate and somehow stumbled onto this meetup thing on the internet. I was apprehensive of going to someplace where I knew no one, however it has been a wonderful experience. I have met many spiritual healers at this meetup and feel a connection to them. I also have to say that Shari Bitsis has the perfect, calming voice for leading meditations and I am in awe of all she knows about the trouble spots in the world we live in. – Sue Burek