The Still Small Steps

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The Still Small Steps

Feeling my footing
Swaying back and forth
A fulcrum of bone
Wrapped in Achilles’ vulnerability
Until fully planted
One foot at a time
Rebalancing, securing
Rebalancing, securing
Uncertain of a certain destination
But trusting the still, small steps

Trusting the still, small steps is not always an easy thing to do is it? In a security obsessed culture filled with rules, regulations, retirement plans and insurance policies for all kinds of situations, taking steps into the unknown can be terrifying. We want so much to feel safe and secure. And although the physic’s Law of Entropy dictates that change is the name of the game on our beautiful planet, many humans cringe at the prospect of venturing out. And yet, very often change is exactly what we need in order to grow and mature as human beings. So, when we find ourselves having to look for a new job, deal with a challenging health situation, cope with heartache from a relationship loss or any kind of dramatic shift in routine, we can become frozen with fear.

Once we habituate into a fear pattern, the ghosts in our subconscious mind surface to remind us of exactly why we should be very much afraid to step out. These persistent thoughts that arise in a seemingly demonic fashion can continually pull the rug out from under our feet as we attempt to find our footing. And these thoughts can seem to be experts at sabotage, employing all kinds of means from tales of unworthiness to visions of destitution and ruin. They truly are the Achilles’ heel of growth and development and we can easily become enveloped and identified with their stories leaving us stuck in a kind of limbo state.

What can complicate matters is the fact that sometimes the place where we think we want to go seems so very far off in the distance and, in many cases it is not a definitive place or situation but more like an idea or even a state of mind or emotion. This, of course, adds fuel to the feeling of uncertainty and if you are a person who craves absolute certainty then you can be sure those demon thoughts are going to have a field day messing with your mind and emotions.

I am going to propose to you all that the vagueness of destination, in and of itself, is not a bad thing and I am sure I will get some arguments here but please hear me out. When we lock ourselves too much into a desire for absolute certainty we become too attached to a specific outcome. This attachment leads to extreme desire focused in one direction and this creates a kind of rigidity that does not allow events and opportunities to “flow” into our lives in a healthy fashion. I am not saying that we should not envision a future goal but when we do envision a goal we should be open minded about the end result to some extent. A good mantra to use is, “I am open to more good than I can even imagine.” This opens doorways to all kinds of possibilities that can stimulate tremendous growth and allow magic to flow into our lives. It also helps to feel positive emotions like gratitude, peace and joy while we are visualizing. And isn’t life supposed to be joyful and magical? Is it not joy and magic that inspires us to create meaningful lives not only for ourselves but also for others and for the planet?

So, how do we rest in the uncertainty of what is coming and still keep ourselves grounded so we are able to act on the opportunities when they come into our lives?  Like I said, loosely visualizing what our hearts want and feeling how we wish to feel is the first step. Making this a daily activity is very helpful. But, just looking far off into the future can be frightful and overwhelming so we need a practice that can get us to that goal while helping us to find our footing along the way. We need to find those still, small steps by moving forward one small step at a time. The daily visualizing stirs the ethers of the Universe lining up opportunities and resources that will begin to present themselves like stepping-stones over a river. We must be vigilant and begin to take steps while pausing to check in with our intuition along the way. “Does this feel good?” “What does my gut say about this?” or “How do I feel about this person?” These are all good questions to ask ourselves. The intuition check is the rebalancing and securing that we need to grab a firm hold as we navigate from step to step. We will find that when we do this a beautiful sense of self-trust begins to develop. We also will realize that we are not alone on our journey and that the Universe really does have our best interest in mind. The right people, resources and opportunities do show up, we just have to begin to trust ourselves and act on them knowing that these still, small steps will bring us to what we desire and perhaps something even more magnificent than what we imagined.